Wednesday, October 24, 2018


  1. Technology develops second by second and machine becomes the master of man.
  2. 1 to 9 in many of the telephone companies is a sheer waste of time. 
  3. If we have a problem, it can be stated to the person attending it.
  4. You have to go and answer to the machine  and press 1 to 8.
  5. Sometimes we get simply cut off.
  6. Our problem unsolved.
  7. Even if we get the person concerned we have  to give so much details again and still sometimes the problem remains standstill.
  8. Talking with the machine with no emotions and feelings is just boring and gives so much irritation.
  9. In USA there is a practice that you have to tell A for apple N for nine N for Nine E for egg.then you will be asked about your problem and you will get an appointment even for  a boil on your lips.
  10. That's o.k  there. But the same principle applied in India is not welcome.
  11. Suppose somebody's mother is seriously ill and her son is to be contacted the role of the machine goes on  its duty.
  12. By the time, he receives the call his mother is no more.
  13. But a boon is there now What's app.
  14.  this solves the problem.
  15. All people are accustomed to machine even for 2 plus 2.All have become slaves to the machine rather than the machine to be the slave of the man to perform the duties.
  16. Machine can never bring back the emotional feelings with Emojis even.
  17. Consoling and suggesting can never ever be done by the machine.
  18. Man is man and machine is machine.
  19. Even with artificial intelligence and robotics  machine can never replace man's brain and emotions and feelings ,compassion and love.
  20. Machine can never produce a human baby and can never satisfy the needs of the infant
  21. which the real mother can give.

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